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A balanced diet for healthy living


Why should we consume nutritiously adequate food? Nutritious food is vital for your growth and development. Our diet must include the right amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and fluids. Eating right considering your age, physiological status and physical activity is vital. Under nutrition and over nutrition, both can be very dangerous. Eating very little food during significant periods such as infancy, childhood or adolescence can lead to malnutrition that takes a severe toll on your health! The proper nutritious menu includes a combination of the different variety of food. A balanced diet includes Carbohydrates, proteins and fats (which are known as the macronutrients since they are needed in large quantities). Micronutrients contain vitamins and minerals. A well-balanced diet includes 60% carbohydrates, 15% proteins and 30% invisible and visible fats. Drinking ample amount of fluids keeps the body hydrated and forms an important part of the diet. Food can be grouped as Cereals, millets and pulses, vegetables and fruits, milk and milk products, egg, meat and fish (protein rich food) and finally oils and fat including nuts and oilseeds. It is important to feed our body with energy rich foods (carbohydrates and fats), Bodybuilding food (proteins) and protective foods (vitamins and minerals).


Most of the carbohydrates needed for our food is obtained from fruits, vegetables, and honey. Cereals, pulses and meat are also a major source of carbohydrates. Your carbohydrate intake should not exceed more than 50 grams every day. Cut back on any kinds of sugar once your carb intake exceeds 50 grams.


Proteins are the functional and structural component of our cells. Protein intake is vital for the development of our body. Protein requirements differ with age, gender, physical activity and so on. Animal food such as milk, eggs, meat, are rich in proteins. Lactating mothers and infants need a larger amount of protein in their diet.


Fats are the energy source for the body. Fats help in the absorption of the major vitamins in our body. Adults have to be careful while taking saturated fat such as butter and ghee. Any excess of fats in your body can lead to diseases like obesity, cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Vitamins and Minerals.


Minerals are important for the excellent development of your hair and skin. Minerals are the inorganic compounds found in your food. Sodium, calcium, magnesium, iodine, copper and zinc are some of the essential minerals that have to be included in your diet. Vitamins are chemical compounds. Both vitamins and minerals are required by our body in very small quantity. Vitamins help in the development of the brain, eye, bone, blood vessels, etc.

If you show any symptoms due to lack of proper nourishing food, go for supplements only after consulting a doctor. Do not follow your techniques to solve the problem.

Five Simple tips for fitness success


“A healthy mind and a healthy body is medicine for the soul” reads a very famous quote. A healthy body keeps you away from diseases, tensions, you would not believe this: but gives you a happy mind also. A healthy body and a healthy mind are inter-related. It is important to prioritize body fitness as it would not only keep you healthy but also robust throughout the day. Fitness refers to eating right and also making sure our body attains the right amount of physical activity. After all, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Here are some tips on how to have a healthy, fit body.

Exercise daily.

Improve Balance

Here, exercise does not particularly mean going to the gym and working out. Try to involve at least one physical activity in your daily schedule. Make sure you engage yourself in any physical activity (playing tennis, swimming, badminton) at least an hour. If you have the desire to shed some extra pounds, then brisk walk daily for an hour would help. You can also jog or do sprints. It is usual that your body might ache the first few days you try any physical activity. That is normal. Do not stop, the result, in the end, will turn out good. Drink ample amount of fluids and eat protein after each time your work out. Stay positive throughout the day and develop a healthy and positive mindset. This is one of the most important tips to keep when you want yourself to be fit! Always remember, the result would take time, but the little step you keep every day is what matters to achieve your goal.

Eat Right

Avoid sweets at any cost. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables to get into good shape. Apple will do a fantastic job of keeping your stomach full up to 3-4 hours. Greens like Broccoli and beans will help to clean the digestive tract. Eating seafood such as shrimp and fish is healthy as it contains proteins. Always stick to eating lean meat such as chicken and turkey. Instead of eating a single meal together, try to eat small portions of food at different hours of the day. This will help to improve the metabolism rate. Plan to eat 6-7 times a day. When you have less food in your stomach, the workouts will burn the excess fat in your body as more energy is required. Always calculate your calorie intake. Make sure adequate amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fats are consumed and not more!

Sleep well.

You should get ample amount of rest to recharge your bodies. After work, if you feel tired, sleep for 5- 10 minutes before your workouts. This helps you to stay fresh for your work out sessions.

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